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Rachlin Partners practices an architecture that is simple, direct, innovative and authentic. We believe in socially responsible public architecture. Approximately 80% of our projects involve public funding, and we have learned that certain responsibilities come with public work. We encourage public input as it enriches the design and makes it truly representative of the community for which it is intended.


We believe that understanding our clients’ concerns is perhaps the most important aspect of a project – which is often the most neglected. We listen to each client in order to learn and clarify concerns, then summarize and confirm them. This approach sets the stage for successful collaborative problem-solving. The secret to our design approach is our uncompromising commitment to communication, collaboration and mutual respect for all stakeholders.


Our number-one commitment is to align our firm’s goals with the client’s goals, creating a shared vision for success. Our efforts, decisions and directives are focused on delivering a project that exceeds client expectations. We believe in an Integrated Multi-Disciplined Process, using a team of dedicated professionals to design and manage all facets of a project, including planning, architecture, interiors project management and construction management.

To this end, the firm proposes architectural solutions that are respectful of the past, but that speak to the present through new applications of technology and materials.

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