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Andrew Ulmen, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Designer/Construction Manager

B. Arch, B. Environmental Design

Since joining the firm in 2003, Andrew has been involved in numerous community college and K-12 projects as a Designer and Project Manager.

Andrew brings an expertise to Rachlin Partners that he refined in his years working at Pfieffer Partners in Los Angeles, Meyer, Scherer and Rockcastle in Minneapolis and Wold AE in Saint Paul.

Since 2008, Andrew has been embedded within the Los Alamitos Unified School District working as the Senior Construction Manager for their 163 million-dollar Measure ‘K’ bond program. Proving himself as the District’s on-site representative during the lengthy modernization - working with administration, staff, and the community; presenting monthly progress reports to the Board of Education – Andrew was promoted to Program Manager. Andrew is now working directly for the Deputy Superintendent and the District’s Director of Facilities on the groundwork leading up to the modernization and complete renovation of the District Office.


Andrew obtained his Bachelor of Environmental Design in 1994 and his Bachelor of Architecture in 1995 from the cold tundra of North Dakota State University in Fargo.


To say that Andrew enjoys ‘riding bikes’ would be vastly understating what is, in fact, an impassioned pastime. To this father-of-two, century rides are de rigueur. Andrew undertakes these grueling 100-mile biking challenges, which he quietly describes as "pretty aggressive", with the cool confidence of a seasoned athlete. Ultra Endurance mountain bike races map a 12-hour course, with riders climbing 10,000 feet through mountainous topography. "It's pretty intense especially as you ride in the dark 10 or 11 hours into a race on a mountain bike in rough terrain."

Andrew’s wife and children share his love of the outdoors and are equally aware of their footprint on the world, which includes being Vegan. "It's just a way of life for us and most people that I work with may not know that about me."

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