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Mario Suson, UAP


Licensed Architect, Philippines

Mario, as a CAD Drafter for Rachlin Partners, introduced the firm to Auto-CAD when he came on board in 1992. He continues to set the firm’s Auto-CAD standards, ensuring that the skill levels of his colleagues remain cutting edge. In addition, Mario finds satisfaction in training the firm’s interns, assisting their transition to full-time employees.

One of Mario’s very first projects, directly following his graduation in the Philippines, was his family’s four-storey commercial building where he executed all architectural duties from design through construction. After obtaining his license, he served his first year as an intern with architect Manuel A. Guanzon, later forming the architectural partnership: Guanzon+Suson and Associates.

With rising aspirations and a yearning for the continuation of his professional exposure, Mario moved to the United States and assumed the role of Senior Draftsman for architect Antonio Escario in Santa Ana.


Growing up in the Philippines, Mario received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the Colegio De San Jose Recoletos (Cebu, Philippines) in 1976. He went on to study at the University of the Visayas (Cebu, Philippines) where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 1980, and obtained his Philippine Architect license in 1982.


An avid indoor rock-climber and auto enthusiast Mario often test-drives new cars…just for fun! Not loyal to one brand he explains, "I often get a call from a friend at my local dealership saying that there is a new model just in, I think it’s interesting to see what is new in the auto world."

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