Rachlin Partners

Games of the XXIII Olympiad

Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee
Los Angeles, California

The Olympic Organizing Committee selected our firm as venue architects charged with the planning, programming and design of the Judo and Basketball venues at the summer 1984 Olympic Games. A key facet of our work was to interpret and tailor the given program requirements, which necessitated an adaptation of existing gymnasium facilities to accommodate the unique needs of the Olympic competitions.

Based on a program established by the Olympic Design Team, our office also implemented strategies to shape and apply the visual image of the 1984 Olympics. This stylized imagery, designated “Festive Federalism,” playfully combines colorful elements in an order that recalls classical architectural forms and geometries. Application of classical motifs is demonstrated most clearly in an inventive use of columns and enblatures.

This project received an Institute Honor Award presented by the American Institute of Architects.

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